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Zone your home intelligently in minutes, not days.

Meet the smart zoning systems to get the perfect temperature in any room.

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Zone just a few rooms or your whole home

Zone just a few rooms or your whole home

Keen Home and Ecovent have joined forces, which means you get combined power of all our products. You can target just a few problem rooms with our Keen Zoning System, or zone your whole home with our Ecovent Whole Home Zoning System.

Why Smart Zoning

  • Ensure your baby’s room is the right temperature
  • Only heat and cool rooms you are using
  • Lower your energy bill
  • Seamless control with your smartphone

Smart, Yet Simple

Each Zoning System consists of Vents, a Smart Bridge or Hub, Sensors, and a smartphone app for full control from anywhere.

Room-by-Room Zoning

Whole Home Zoning

In our test home, 8 Smart Vents can create
an 8 degree difference between rooms.

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