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Under One Roof: Ecovent Is Now Part of Keen Home

We’re excited to announce that Ecovent is now part of Keen Home and the Ecovent Whole Home System is available in our online store starting today. By bringing the world’s leading smart zoning solutions together under one roof, Keen Home is poised to bring the ultimate experience in comfort and climate control to homes everywhere.

Two Ways to Zone, One Trusted Brand

Back in 2015, our companies brought to market the world’s first smart HVAC zoning solutions for the home. We took different approaches to the problem of home temperature control, but our missions were always the same: to give everyone greater control over their comfort in the place that matters most–their homes.

Ecovent built a world-class whole-home zoning system, fully calibrated to manage everything from the thermostat to the vents. With the Keen Zoning System, Keen Home built the industry leader in flexible, do-it-yourself smart vent technology, letting users introduce room-by-room zoning to their home one room, floor, and one HVAC zone at a time. Together, Keen Home and Ecovent offer the most powerful and comprehensive smart home zoning solutions on the market.

Going forward, Ecovent’s system will replace the Keen Home Whole Home Bundle in our online store. Since each Ecovent system is a comprehensive upgrade to a home’s existing HVAC system:

  • The Ecovent app and software will remain separate from the Keen Home app (for now)
  • Keen Home Smart Vents, Smart Bridge, and Temp Sensors will continue to work exclusively on the Keen Home app
  • Ecovent vents, temperature sensors, hubs, and thermostats will continue to work exclusively on the Ecovent app
  • The two systems will not be cross-compatible (for now)

What This Means For You

If you already have a Keen Zoning System or an Ecovent system, your experience with either won’t change. You’ll continue to use the same app and receive the same customer support from our consolidated support team. Speaking of support, we're constantly working to improve response times so we can meet and hopefully exceed your expectations.

If you don’t have a smart zoning system in your home, you now have two options:

  1. Choose Keen Zoning if you'd like a DIY solution that you can customize to your needs.
  2. Choose Ecovent if you’re ready to upgrade your home's entire HVAC system.

We’re looking forward to bringing our two brands more closely together in the coming months to give our customers even more home temperature control and energy efficiency. 

Additionally, our combined forces paves the way for more product offerings and smart home integrations to support our vision of making your home a sanctuary again.

Thank you to our customers, supporters, partners and investors who have helped make all of this possible. Here’s to having your home take care of you with Keen Home and Ecovent together as one.


If you have any questions about our products or the merger, don’t hesitate to reach out to contact@keenhome.io.

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