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Start controlling the temperature in a single room or your entire home.

How Many Do I Need?

Smart Vents

You can start with 1-2 rooms in your home to begin feeling a difference. You will need to replace all the vents in a single room to have full airflow control of that room.

Learn more about the best rooms in your home to install Smart Vents

Smart Bridges

You need at least one Smart Bridge to get started. Additional Smart Bridges can be used as wireless signal repeaters to help the system communicate between floors or to distant areas of your home.

Learn more about how many Smart Bridges your home might need

Do I need a certain type of thermostat?

Smart Vent Pro

Smart Vent Pro

The Smart Vent Pro gives you even more value, control, and comfort, perfect for getting your home started with room-by-room comfort.
*Smart Bridge required

Starting at $119.99

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Placement in Your Home

Smart Vents™

Place Smart Vents in rooms that you care about or that go unused for large portions of the day.

Learn more about where to install Smart Vents

Smart Bridges™

We recommend one Smart Bridge for every 8 Smart Vents, as well as one for every floor.

Learn more about where to place Smart Bridges

Temp Sensors™

Put sensors in rooms with Smart Vents that you would like to set a specific temperature for.

Learn more about where to place Temp Sensors

Measure Your Vents How to measure your vents

Standard Smart Vent sizes

4”x10” 4”x12” 6”x10” 6”x12”
4”x10” 4”x12”
6”x10” 6”x12”

Trim Kits support additional sizes What are Trim Kits?

4”x14” 8”x10” 8”x12” 6”x14”
8”x14” 10”x10” 12”x12”  
4”x14” 8”x10”
8”x12” 6”x14”
8”x14” 10”x10”

3-Step Setup


Download the Keen Home App.

Download on the AppStore Get It on GooglePlay


Connect your Smart Bridge, Smart Vents, and Temp Sensors.

Watch the Smart Vent Setup Video Watch the Smart Bridge Setup Video


Replace your air vents with Smart Vents and place Temp Sensors.

Smart Zoning for your HVAC in minutes, not days.

Get the perfect temperature for any room.
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30 day money back guarantee
1 year warranty

30 day money back guarantee.
1 year warranty.