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Keen Home

Smart Vent

$ 99.99 - $ 129.99

Imagine every room in your home kept at the perfect temperature. Smart Vents form the foundation for the Keen Zoning System by intelligently opening and closing based on individual room temperature preferences set in the Keen Home app. Keen Home recommends replacing all vents in each room you would like to upgrade. Includes 12 months of free Keen Cloud services and premier customer support.

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$ 99.99

Oversized (includes Trim Kits for $29.99)

$ 129.99
30 day money back guarantee.
1 year warranty.

  • Embedded temperature and pressure sensors to monitor the performance of your HVAC system
  • Airfoil louvers designed for precise and quiet operation
  • Interchangeable faceplate is easy to clean and paintable
  • Wireless vent-to-vent communication via Zigbee network
  • 2+ year battery life with included 4 AA batteries
  • Works with Nest, ecobee, Lowe’s Iris, and SmartThings

System Requirements
  • High speed Internet connection (DSL, cable, fiber, satellite)
  • Mobile device running iOS 8.0+ or Android 4.4+
  • Forced air central heating and/or cooling system
  • Keen Home Smart Bridge, Lowe’s Iris Smart Hub, or SmartThings Hub

What's Included
    • Smart Vent
    • Herringbone faceplate
    • Mounting hardware
    • 4 x AA Duracell™ batteries

How it Works