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Get more out of your Nest Thermostat with Smart Vents.

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Keen Home + Nest

A Match Made in Connected Home Heaven

Enhanced Temperature Control

Better regulate your home's temperature by controlling your Nest Thermostat and Smart Vents from a single app.

Connect Your Nest Thermostat

Go to your Keen Home app and add your Nest Thermostat. We will make sure to keep you up-to-date on new integration functionality.

Greater Comfort & Efficiency

Switch from Auto-Away to Home from the Keen Home app, so each room is the perfect temperature before you return home.

Better Data

Nest shares HVAC state and target temperature information in realtime to give your Smart Vent System insight into how your home heats up or cools down. This data helps your Smart Vents best meet your airflow needs over time.

Want complete room-by-room control with Nest?