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Smart Zoning: For the Kids!

Last week, we heard from five customers in five states about their experience with smart zoning from Keen Home and Ecovent. From saving money on their energy bill to elevating comfort, we heard about how homeowners and renters are improving their HVAC performance. 

In speaking with hundreds of users over the last 5 years, there is one use-case that is consistently brought up as one of the key motivations for installing Smart Vents: caring for children. The story is quite often the same: one of the least comfortable rooms in the home is the baby’s room and we bought your smart zoning products to change that.

The Problem of Temperature Imbalance

Because of the persistence of temperature imbalances in homes, temps between rooms can vary dramatically. When raising a family, that can mean choosing between your comfort or your kids’ comfort, or worse, everyone tolerating some discomfort. Experts recommend maintaining baby’s room at between 68 and 72 degrees, with rooms that are too cold raising the risk of pneumonia, and those that are too hot, raising the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). 

Unless you have your thermostat installed in your child’s room, maintaining a precise temperature band for your child’s health and comfort is easier said than done. Even if a thermostat or remote temperature sensor (if you have a smart thermostat) is installed in the room, without a way of controlling airflow throughout the home, dynamic changes to the temperature in that room are only possible by raising or dropping the temperature in other rooms, further exacerbating imbalances throughout the home. 

Tim’s Solution

Where targeted room-by-room climate control for homes with central HVAC was virtually impossible before smart zoning, today, parents can intelligently control airflow throughout their home automatically or right from their smartphone.

“By equalizing the temperatures throughout the house, these Smart Vents help keep my kids comfortable without freezing out me and my wife.”

Tim, Illinois

Tim was an early adopter of our technology who wanted Smart Vents for his home specifically so he would have more control of his family's comfort in their home. Like most Americans with central air, he struggled to find a viable solution to rooms that were imbalanced. He installed a Smart Thermostat, which helped him manage his HVAC system's run time, but did little to balance the temperature throughout the home.

With Smart Vents installed, Tim was able to target airflow to specific rooms at specific times. When his family was together in the living room, his Smart Vents would direct air from adjacent rooms to keep everyone comfortable. When everyone retired to their own rooms, his Smart Vents would redirect air to those newly occupied rooms. Where Tim and his wife had at one point needed to live with being uncomfortably hot or cold to keep their children comfortable, today they can intelligently distribute airflow where it is needed, keeping their home in balance without compromise.

Smart Vents Create Balance

With smart zoning installed, homeowners can direct airflow to individual rooms, while limiting airflow to rooms that don’t need it. That means greater control over temperatures in the most critical rooms in your home. If you have children, their comfort is paramount and airflow to their rooms has an out-sized impact on the temperatures they will feel in those rooms. For young children, proper control of airflow can be essential not just for comfort, but also for good health.

Whether installing just a few Keen Home Smart Vents to direct air away from specific rooms, or installing a whole home Ecovent System for precise airflow control throughout your entire home, the results are the same: you’ll have greater control of the conditioning and comfort of your home for you and your family. 

For those with very young children, smart zoning can be just as important as a baby monitor, giving you and your partner a way to keep the baby’s room at a healthy temperature. So when you and your partner are considering how to keep your family healthy and comfortable at home, smart zoning from Keen Home should be high on the list!

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