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My Smart Vent isn't responding! I don't see any blinking or anything. What now?

If a Smart Vent is showing no activity (no lights or movement) upon installing the battery, or you notice the vent has become unresponsive to the app without any lights, the batteries may need to be reseated.
  • Remove the battery pack from the Smart Vent.
  • Position the battery pack so that the cells are facing you.
  • Pull the two batteries where the copper end (+) is sticking out a small amount but not so much that they become loose or feel like they will fall out of the pack.
  • Push on the two batteries where the (-) is facing out until they hit the bottom wall.
  • Reinstall the battery back in the Smart Vent.
  • The Smart Vent should go into self calibration; closing, opening and then double blinking green. It will triple blink green followed by no lights upon joining or rejoining the network.