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What does the ecobee integration do?

Integrating your ecobee3 with your Smart Vents system gets you three new features in the Keen Home app:
  • Temperature limits: we use data from your ecobee and room sensors to understand your household target temperature and HVAC mode and state. By integrating your ecobee3 and ecobee3 room sensors give you access to a new feature called “Temperature Limit”. With Temperature Limit, you set a target temperature for each room and your Smart Vents will automatically close when that target is reached. This prevents rooms from being overheated and overcooled, and redirects air towards rooms that need it more.
  • Set “hold” temperature: configure your ecobee’s hold temperature right from the Keen Home app. This is useful for pre-heating your home while you are away or cooling down the upstair bedroom before bed in the summer.
  • Multiple thermostats: add multiple ecobee thermostats and an additional “not connected” thermostat zone.
  • Group and assign zones: group rooms by zones and assign the zones to distinct ecobee3 thermostats.