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What is “Balance (Beta)” mode?

Balance Mode takes manual control to the next level. Instead of controlling each room’s level, our Keen Balancing™ algorithms enable control over relative room temperature.

Why is this feature labeled ‘beta’?

We are only scratching the surface of how useful this mode can be. For example, we have yet to fully utilize temperature sensors from other devices (such as Ecobee 3) to get a more accurate sense of home and room temperature. In the coming months, Balance mode will enable your Smart Vents to automatically adjust to maintain balance in your home, and to coordinate with each other to drive air to specific rooms. All the while, we will do our best to increase data transparency for users.

While Balance Mode is enabled, press down on the circles with ‘OK’ at the center to offset the temperature of a room. Tell your Smart Vent System whether your home is being heated or cooled, or connect your Nest Thermostat to share it automatically. Based on this information, your Smart Vents will automatically know whether to open or close to offset the temperature of the room and make it cooler or warmer.