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Smart Vent for Bundles

$ 82.89 - $ 106.14



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$ 82.89

Oversized (includes Trim Kits for $29.99)

$ 106.14
30 day money back guarantee.
1 year warranty.

  • Embedded temperature and pressure sensors to monitor the performance of your HVAC system
  • Airfoil louvers designed for precise and quiet operation
  • Interchangeable faceplate is easy to clean and paintable
  • Wireless vent-to-vent communication via Zigbee network
  • 2+ year battery life with included 4 AA batteries
  • Works with Nest, ecobee, Lowe’s Iris, and SmartThings

System Requirements
  • High speed Internet connection (DSL, cable, fiber, satellite)
  • Mobile device running iOS 8.0+ or Android 4.4+
  • Forced air central heating and/or cooling system
  • Keen Home Smart Bridge, Lowe’s Iris Smart Hub, or SmartThings Hub

What's Included
  • 4x10, 4x12, 6x10, 6x12: Smart Vent, Herringbone faceplate, Mounting Clips, 2x drywall screws, 4x AA Duracell batteries
  • 4x14: 4x12 Smart Vent, 4x14 Trim Plate, 2 bolts (black), 2 nuts (black), 2 wall screws (white)
  • 6x14, 8x14: 6x12 Smart Vent, 4x14, 6x14 or 8x14 Trim Plate, 2 bolts (black), 2 nuts (black), 2 wall screws (white)
  • 8x12: 6x12 Smart Vent, 8x12 Trim Plate
  • 8x10, 10x10: 6x10 Smart Vent, 8x10, 10x10 Trim Plate, 2 Wall screws
  • 12x12: 6x12 Smart Vent, 12x12 Trim Plate, 2 Wall screws

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